Thrifted denim jacket and t-shirt, Miss Shop skirt, Dotti boots, Zara bag, Lovisa rings

Even though it’s not usually obvious, I have pretty terrible eyesight. In fact, I’m not just slightly myopic, but usually I can’t see 20cm past my nose and am pretty much blind without some sort of visual aid! Anyway, while I’ve worn contact lenses regularly for about five years, a recent bout of dry eyes had the optometrist prescribe me a combination of eye drops and a break from contacts in favour of glasses. While the good news is my eyes are a little less dry now, I’ll probably keep wearing specs to give my eyes a much-needed break from the strain I constantly put them through. After all, it doesn’t look like I’m giving up my internet habit any time soon, and if I’m going to be spending money on glasses I might as well use them!

Moving on, this is a pretty casual outfit that I wore on a last-ditch shopping trip before uni started again this week. The story behind this bag is that I got it in Melbourne, since my trusty Sportsgirl satchel was literally ripping at the seams and I was forced to bin it. I’m still in the market for a replacement black satchel with silver hardware, but for now I guess this one will have to suffice. My number one deal breaker when it comes to bags is that it has to fit my bulky DSLR, so this one should fit the bill until I manage to find one that’s just right. Funny how I say that, but considering how picky I am I don’t think it’s happening any time soon!