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So while perusing some old blog posts out of boredom, I was quite surprised to find a lot of drafts that I’d completely forgotten about. Most of them were inspiration-y image sets, and the only thing holding me back must’ve been the fear that no one else would find them inspiring, or even remotely interesting for that matter… Anyway, these are just a few interior inspirations from a while ago, and it seems my taste hasn’t changed much since! If my Pinterest is anything to go by, my future house will be white, bright, and full of bookshelves… Preferably my library will also need a ladder to go with it, but let’s not jump the gun because a) I can’t afford a house and b) I definitely can’t afford all the darn books needed to fill my collection! Wanting things can be so tough sometimes.

Also in my drafts was this cute video that I came across on Vimeo, which is really amazing for discovering creative short films! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at making some videos, but I’ve never had any good ideas and just the thought of putting time into it makes me feel lazy. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this kind of post and have a great weekend!