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If you live in Australia like me, you’re probably aware of the fact that it’s near impossible to find bagels anywhere. You might be successful if you really try and are willing to search out some obscure place that’s far from home, but for the most part? It’s a rare commodity that I can never seem to find in local bakeries or supermarkets. Anyway, is it kind of sad that I made bagels just to eat them with smoked salmon and cream cheese? I’m not even sure if they turned out right since I’ve never tried a real one, but that really needs to change some day!

As expected, they turned out nothing like the picture above… everyone knows it’s the taste that counts though, right?

What separates bagels from plain old bread – you actually have to boil them! This is probably old news to everyone except me… anyway, at this point mine are looking a little too wrinkly and lopsided for my liking, but whatever. That’s not important (or so I tell myself).

The fruits of my labour. The recipe I used was adapted from A Beautiful Mess (which you can find here), in case you wanted to know! Now I’m wondering how I’m going to eat all those carbs by myself… just kidding, everyone knows that’s what families are for. They’re pretty useful guinea pigs, especially when it comes to exploring more ‘experimental’ baking endeavors…

The morning sky from a couple of weeks ago, which I never got around to posting. Anyway, I hope you’re having a good week so far! As for me I’m looking forward to my uni break next week, though it can hardly be considered a break what with all the stuff I need to catch upon on. Life always has to turn out that way, doesn’t it? Bye and hopefully I’ll be seeing you again soon!