marching on

1. Catching up with Kat over KBBQ and froyo  2. My eggs Benedict that I’m excessively proud of  3. Chloe knock-offs from Dotti  4. Silly doodles  5. A late sunrise  6. ‘Don’t mess with OPI’ polish  7. My newest impulse purchase  8. Help! My face split in half  9. Mum’s French madeleines

In all honesty, I’ve never seen the point of making Instagram posts on blogs. If anything they’re the ones I tend to skip over, plus if you’re following that person already it’s just more of the same old thing, right? Well as it turns out, I’m a massive hypocrite, and it’s actually quite nice to have recaps of the daily occurrences I forget about. Anyway, as you can see March has been revolving around food again and my life is actually quite boring, but hopefully more exciting things will be coming my way this month! April and May are always when birthdays are happening, plus I’m quite excited for the impending change of weather. Well on that note, happy April Fools Day and I’ll see you again soon!