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Creative block. Inspiration drought. Being stuck in a rut. Whatever you call it, it’s a problem I’m sure every creative has faced at least once in their lifetime. That’s pretty much my life right now, by the way. No joke, I spent the best part of an hour figuring out how exactly I was going to tackle this topic! But no matter how many times I try, the words don’t flow as easily as they used to, and nothing seems to accurately sum up how I’m feeling.

Funnily enough, creative block doesn’t mean I haven’t been making things in my everyday life. It’s quite the opposite, actually. Working at an agency means I’m pretty much logged in, switched on and producing content 24/7… but that’s the thing. Doing what you love has its downfalls. And as much as I hate to admit it, sometimes I’m in two minds about pursuing a creative career.

On the one hand, it’s great! Being creative has always felt like something I was born to do. And at work, I get to be involved in exciting projects and things I actually care about. But on the other hand, achieving that coveted work-life balance isn’t easy. How do you get the balance right, when what you do is such an integral part of who you are as a person? Creative work takes up a good amount of brainpower, hardly leaving any for passions and hobbies in your spare time. So when it comes to blogging, it’s no wonder I experience a mind blank, and ideas are nowhere to be found.


Don’t get me wrong, I still love blogging. I love getting online, sharing my life with people all over the world, and getting a glimpse into theirs. But at the end of the day, when I just want to unplug? I’m pretty much on the internet all day, so it’s inevitable that staring at a screen can start to feel like an extension of work. Cue tiny violins.

I think another reason for this rut is the fact that my blog has grown, way more than I ever imagined it to. I have to admit, I’m quite proud of the content I post on this little corner of the internet. But holding myself to lofty standards, and trying to outdo myself with every post just isn’t sustainable. In fact, it can be paralysing. Ironic because every time I fall out of the habit of blogging, it becomes much harder to pick up again. 

I know this feeling can’t last forever, even if it feels that way sometimes. But in the meantime, I’m taking baby steps towards boosting my creativity and getting my mojo back. It’s not much, but a little offline inspiration does wonders whenever I’m stuck in a rut. These pictures are from a recent trip to the Art Gallery of NSW, where I had a much-needed catch up with a close friend.

I also think it’s about time I ditched the whole idea of perfection, especially when it comes to blogging and trying new things. Because as long as I’m afraid to make mistakes, I’ll remain stuck and never create anything new.

I think I started rambling a bit there, but phew! That was something I really needed to get off my chest. Anyway, if you happen to have any tips for beating creative block, I’d love to hear them!