2017: the hardest year

Another year, another recap post! So 2017 has passed us by, and if you ask me? I couldn’t be happier that it’s ending. It’s been one filled with the highest of highs, accompanied by the lowest of lows. I’m totally guilty of only posting about the good times when it comes to my blog and Instagram, but lo and behold! I’m only human. While this year has been anything but stress-free for me, for some reason I feel like it’s one I needed to have.

At the beginning of the year I actually started making one of those ‘one second a day’ videos, before realising I didn’t want to remember 2017 for the shit show it was turning out to be. The final product would’ve looked like a lot of waiting rooms, or shots of the ceiling because I was either in pain or too exhausted to do anything. I’ve been prodded, poked, sat through hours of infusions and more blood tests than I care to admit. I’ve had my fair share of tears, having lost two family members in the space of months. Only my nearest and dearest would also know I was hospitalised twice, to top off my luck. To keep things simple, things aren’t really looking good for me health-wise. It’s been difficult for me to process, but right now I’m in a relatively okay place and I’m just taking everyday as it comes.

Despite all the tough things that happened, that’s not to say 2017 didn’t have its fair share of good moments! I finished up my exchange in Japan, and made memories I’ll treasure until the end of time. I enjoyed my last year as a uni student, despite moments when I thought I would explode from stress. 2017 was also the year I travelled to four different countries, more so than I’ve ever done in my entire life. I’ve never felt closer to my family, whether they’re at home or live in far off places. And more than anything, I think coming back home made me realise who my real friends are. There’s a huge difference between people you feel obliged to hang out with, and people who you actually look forward to seeing. Whether I met them this year or ten years ago, the people in my life made everyday a little brighter, even when I was in a slump.

So, what’s next for this soon-to-be graduate? I realise switching to a new year doesn’t magically change things. But I do know that in 2018, I want to do more things I’m excited about. The other day someone asked me what I do in my spare time, and I had no idea how to respond. Lately every spare second has been spent on work, uni or just trying to manage my health. But now that things have calmed down a bit, it’s time to stop putting off things that make me happy. I want to try new hobbies. Keep in touch with people I care about. Find more reasons to smile. Anyway, I hope you all have a great new year, and see you in 2018!