life lately

After spending a year overseas, what no one tells you is that there’s no instruction manual on how to settle in when you do eventually return home. And real talk? The experience is weirdly isolating. Everyone you meet is super happy to see you, goes through the motions of asking how exchange was and that’s the end of it. But realistically, how is it possible to condense a year’s worth of events into mere small talk? As my friend so accurately put it, there’s no one you can talk to about exchange without feeling like you’re talking their ear off. Life goes on though, so here’s an update of what I’ve been up to lately through my phone!

Most of my time lately has been spent getting familiar with my own city, as well as noticing all the new stuff that’s popped up in my absence. Apart from the occasional new food spot, I’m glad to report in Sydney literally nothing has changed in a year. Even the ever-present construction in the city is exactly the same as where I left off a year ago…

I have to admit, I shed a little tear when I remembered just how expensive food is in Australia… One thing I did miss was the sheer variety of cuisines available here, though! I’ve definitely had more than my fair share of pad see ew and other variations since coming back home. I also haven’t touched Japanese food at all, possibly because deep down I know that a year of eating the real deal has ruined me for life.

More cafe hopping, as well as royal milk tea ice cream from Aqua S. I was super keen to try this flavour when I first caught wind of it, and it didn’t disappoint. But like with all good Aqua S flavours, I’m gutted that it’s disappeared from the stores already!

While this week was relatively calm, I haven’t exactly been feeling 100% in recent weeks. With my health issues and just overall stress, I feel like there’s never enough time for everything I want to do. Not to mention maintaining some semblance of a social life has been a challenge, now that I actually have to make plans to see other human beings. Rest assured though, I haven’t forgotten about my remaining Japan posts! They’ll definitely be coming when things get a little less hectic around here.