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tokyo tower

For some reason, both occasions when I’ve visited Tokyo Tower haven’t exactly been in the most ideal of conditions. The first time I went five years ago, it was raining. This time around it stayed dry, but because of Golden Week the crowds were nothing short of insane. Needless to say, the promise of a good city view keeps me coming back, and probably means I’ll be visiting many more times to come. While the interiors have changed quite a bit over the years, the view’s just as breathtaking as ever!


On the way from the station it’s impossible to miss Zojoji Temple, where you can get a view of the entire tower. Sadly I didn’t get much time to explore the temple itself, but I thought these beanie-wearing statues and pinwheels were adorable!

And of course, a trip to Tokyo just wouldn’t be complete without bumping into Mario and friends on the road…

Since it was almost Children’s Day at the time, the koinobori, or carp fish streamers were out in full force. On a side note, since coming to Japan apparently I’ve adopted a permanent peace sign pose in photos. My dad won’t let me hear the end of it!


After the most uncomfortable elevator ride ever, we finally made it to the top! The view really is impressive, even if you have to jostle by people to reach to the window. It really seemed like everyone and their mother decided to visit the tower on that particular day…


I loved how the streets looked like a river of light weaving throughout the buildings! There really aren’t any words to describe it.

Just a small sample of the gift shop, which we checked out before heading back. Japan has a huge gift-giving culture, so you’ll find that most tourist attractions are decked out with mascots and special merchandise. The Tokyo Tower store even spanned two separate floors!

The tower itself closes at 11pm, but I’ve heard it’s popular for couples to stay until midnight and watch the lights go out. However, I’d definitely recommend visiting just before sunset. The night view’s truly amazing, and it’s fun to watch the city gradually get darker and darker. Definitely a must-see if you’re ever planning on visiting Tokyo!