lake macquarie

Even though I love to complain about how boring New South Wales is, it couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are actually so many things to do as long as you’re creative, and willing to step outside your comfort zone! Just recently I went up the coast to the Lake Macquarie area, which I’ve never visited despite it being less than two hours from Sydney. Still, that short trip away felt like a world of difference to me. Everyone we came across was just so relaxed and happy to strike up a conversation. Not to mention, there was no shortage of gorgeous views to take in.

With no plans set in stone we ended up spending half a day at Catherine Hill Bay, an awesome little beach with the bluest water I’d ever seen. We pretty much had the whole place to ourselves, which was right up my alley! I hate crowds with a passion, so that usually deters me from going to the beach more often in Sydney.

While the wharf itself was blocked off there were a lot of rock formations and old industrial structures around, which were fun to explore.


This was Caves Beach, another popular spot with a lot of small caves along the shore (no surprises there). Apparently this particular cave looks really impressive at sunrise, but you have to check the tides to make sure it’s not full of water when you go!

Some pictures of the sunrise over Lake Macquarie on our last day. Anyway, even though it’s been days now I’m currently recovering from a painful sunburn for the first time in my life. That’ll teach me to apply more sunscreen next time, but apart from that I have no regrets! It’s amazing how much a change of scenery can leave you feeling refreshed, not to mention more appreciative of the place you call home.