life lately

Isn’t life a funny thing? One minute you think you’re bored out of your brains, then suddenly you’re overwhelmed and have too many things on your plate the next. That’s pretty much why I took an unintentional break from the blog, since I’ve been too busy interacting with actual humans to make blog posts that I’m content with! I have to admit, I’ve been avoiding posting personal things here since I just don’t think anyone finds them interesting. Nevertheless, since I’ve accumulated so many photos here’s a peek into my life recently:


Free fun doesn’t get much better than Jenga, brownies and photo scavenger hunts with old friends! After a day of running around and trying to fit four adults onto playground equipment, I came home with way too many photos that need to be explained… like this one of a seemingly ordinary cloud. It’s totally shaped like a unicorn, in case you couldn’t tell.

Some snaps from when I was volunteering at my uni’s orientation. At first I was worried that I’d burn out from socialising too much (typical introvert problems!) but it was honestly one of most rewarding things I’ve ever done. In the span of one week I probably met more people than I have all year, not to mention the fact that most of our time was spent fooling around and singing nineties songs. Don’t even get me started on all the free catered food that comes with it…


Now that all the fun and games are over I’m off to uni for actual class tomorrow, which is a bit sad! I think it goes without saying that I’m not ready to let go of my couch potato status yet, or get back into the daily grind. One of these days my timetable won’t involve early starts on a Monday morning…