slow sundays

I’m pretty sure that for every blogger, there comes a time when you just don’t know what to post. I know it happens to me all too often, since not everyday’s a photo opportunity where I get to eat out or visit exciting new places. Heck, usually I won’t even get dressed in favour of staying in bed, so outfit posts become impossible! Anyway, I thought it’d be fun to answer these questions Jane posted on her blog, even though I rarely answer tag style posts here. I really should start doing them more often though – they’re fun, interesting and easy to compile, especially when I have a bad case of blogger’s block!



1. Last TV show and/or movie you watched, last book you read, last song you listened to?
The last thing I watched? Legally Blonde the Musical. If you’ve never heard of it you need to at least listen to the soundtrack, it’s super catchy and does a way better job of fleshing out Elle than the movies ever did! In fact, if you’ve got two hours to spare you can watch the entire thing here, but be warned. I did warn you that it’s extremely catchy…
If that doesn’t count, the last things I watched/read/listened to were Arrow, Sleepless in Seattle, my Japanese textbook and Cruella De Vil from the 101 Dalmatians soundtrack. A totally normal combination!
2. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? How did it compare to what your ideal breakfast would be?
I was the pinnacle of health this morning and had chocolate almond milk for breakfast. It definitely wasn’t as good as my ideal meal of baked or poached eggs, preferably with bacon, cheese and some good quality bread…
3. What’s something you’re looking forward to in a) a week b) a year?
It’s really sad but I can’t think of anything, since I’m definitely not a person that tends to think that far ahead! I guess I can look forward to the weather in Sydney since it’s meant to rain all of next week (no sarcasm, I just really love the rain). As for in a year’s time, I can look forward to almost turning twenty even though that’s not really considered a milestone age. How fun?
4. What’s your usual coffee order? And if you don’t drink coffee: how do you take your tea?
I don’t drink hot coffee, but I usually like to have English Breakfast tea with milk and sugar (the only way to have it, in my opinion)! Sometimes I’ll also treat myself to a chai latte, if I’m out and about.
5. Post a selfie! Do you have a ‘selfie face’?

Here’s a recent-but-not-really selfie in a separate link, to protect the public! Apparently I pull a different face every time, which could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it.

So, what are you watching, reading or listening to right now? Even though I have a never-ending list of things to get through I’m always on the lookout out for new obsessions, so let me know. In the meantime, I hope you’re enjoying your weekend!