once upon a december

1. Tiny moon  2. My tragic makeup drawer  3. The nail strip obsession goes on  4. Friday night pho  5. Oh Christmas tree  6. Etsy popup shop  7. Cranberry Joy body butter  8. Chai latte with almond milk  9. Gingerbread house  10. Green tea frappe  11. Lunch at Chat Thai  12. Doughnut cake
If you ask me, one of the best things about blogging is the ability to effectively time travel. I’m shamelessly going to admit that I love reading my old posts, whether it’s because I like feeling secondhand embarrassment for my past self or nostalgia for the good times I would have forgotten otherwise! If my posts from last December are anything to go by the HSC and impending uni offers were the only things that mattered, but a year on that all seems like a lifetime away. Whilst I’ve had my ups and downs dealing with a quarter life crisis (at eighteen?) and dwindling friendships, I’m glad to have been through what I have, but am also ready to finally say goodbye to the past year.

Anyway, I’ve never been one to do grand recaps at the end of each year or anything like that, but I just wanted to say thanks so much for reading this blog! After almost four years I feel like this corner of the internet has finally found a direction to grow in, and it just wouldn’t be possible if there weren’t people reading it. Even though blogging is ephemeral I enjoy it so much, not just for the satisfaction of reading every nice comment but also for the pure process involved. I know my track record hasn’t been that great but I’m excited to get motivated and organised for once, so here’s to the new year and more regular posts to come. I hope you enjoy your New Year’s Eve whether you’re partying or spending a night in with the family and TV for company (like yours truly), and I’ll see you back here when it’s 2014!