living quarters

So, you know when the holidays/weekend rolls around and you conceive a grand plan to get some work done? Well, having been on uni break you’d think I’d have loads of time to be productive (or even update this blog), but nope… if anything it’s made me lazier, and completely content with the idea of ‘unwinding’ and doing nothing all day! I’m not even ashamed to mention how lazy I am, but obviously I need to get my mojo back sooner or later.

Anyway, here are some snippets and a bonus video of my room! Something I did finish this past fortnight was make some subtle changes after a much-needed shopping trip to IKEA, where I finally got a mirror and box for all my makeup. I decided to take advantage of the situation and film while it was still clean and pretty, because it most definitely doesn’t look like this anymore… While my room still isn’t exactly how I want it, I’m pretty satisfied with its current state! It’s amazing how much new quilt covers change a room, especially considering my old ones were a bit tired and grandma-esque (not like that’s a bad thing, of course).

By the way, can we talk about my scratch map for a second? I’m ridiculously proud of these dowels that I added to it! After realising that Blu-Tack would never hold the weight of it properly, I thought this would be a better alternative to having a giant frame hanging so close to my bed. It might be worth DIYing all the Frankie posters I have lying around, but then again it’s so finicky that I don’t know if I can be bothered. Besides, I only have so much wall space that I can devote to posters… Anyway, hope you enjoyed that little tour of my room, and have a great weekend ahead of you!