here comes the sun

1. Sneaky  Priceline haul  2. Hot chocolate  3. Sushi, aka my number one weakness  4. Experimenting with my Instax lenses  5. Studio Ghibli prints from SmashCon  6. Oh-so-decadent beesting cake  7. Full moon on a pastel sky  8. Seeing spots  9. Loitering in the State Libary  10. Current read  11. Spring blooms  12. My new favourite tea blend
Even though I probably repeat myself at the beginning of each month, I still have to ask the question – where has the year gone?! To me it seems like August came and went in a flash, especially considering it was spent getting back into the swing of uni (punctuated by the occasional sugar indulgence). Right now I’m still feeling a bit disorientated by my new schedule, but I just know that when I get used to it the year will already be over! I guess you can never win with these things, huh.

In other news, last month I started reading Quiet as per Eliza‘s recommendation and am loving it so far! So many examples could have been plucked from my own socially awkward experiences, and make me feel a tiny bit better about being a hermit. Anyway, if you’re introverted and also happen to be a psychology nerd this is definitely worth a read, but for a lazier option you can also watch Susan Cain’s TED talk here.

I guess that’s about it for now, so if you happen to be interested in more food photos and random tidbits my Instagram username is @manisay. Anyway, I hope this month turns out to be a great one for you, and I’ll see you soon!