instagram diaries

1. Doc Martens  2. My current winter essential  3. Freshly squeezed orange juice  4. Star Master  5. English breakfast tea, my favourite kind  6. Depressing weather in Sydney lately  7. Oatmeal, honey and strawberries  8. My little brother’s birthday  9. Overpriced hot chocolate  10. Knitting progress  11. Handsome kitty  12. Berry pavlova
So if my activity on Instagram is anything to go by, June was a month of creature comforts, futile attempts to combat the cold, various hot beverages and food. Lots of it, might I add. Putting it that way makes my life sound really sad now, but hey! With the arrival of July the sun has decided to reappear in Sydney, so hopefully the weather stays pleasant like this for a little longer. Speaking of which, is anyone else wondering where half the year disappeared to? At this point I feel like I’ve wasted all the free time uni life grants me, but at least that leaves time to stress about more serious things further down the track. That’s what I like saying to myself anyway, before realising that I’ve spent yet another day watching Youtube videos nonstop… Anyway, hope you’re all having a great start to the week and I’ll see you soon!