bits and bobs

In case there was any doubt about it, I really wasn’t exaggerating when I said that uni life makes me poor… Finding myself alone in such close proximity to the shops is a recipe for disaster, and you can probably guess what ends up happening then! Now that I think about it I should probably write up a budget for the first time in my life, but whatever… that wouldn’t make for much interesting blogging, would it now?

First off – some earrings from Diva. My ears feel really bare without jewellery in them, so it’s nice to have a few simple pairs to choose from!

Skull jumper from Dotti and long-sleeved tee from Agent Ninety-nine. Since starting uni I’ve realised that I have almost no casual clothes in my closet, so these tops should suffice… at least, I think they should when the weather finally starts to cool down a bit.

Reading material. To be honest, I’m not really in the right mindset to be reading right now but I just couldn’t leave Jane Eyre behind… I mean, how gorgeous is that cover?! They happened to have other titles with similar designs, making the thought of the whole collection oh so tempting…

Some boring stuff from Priceline – dry shampoo, nude lipstick from Rimmel, glass nail file and an angled eyeliner brush. Moving on from my shopping habits, Sydney weather has really been annoying me lately! I’m just so anxious for autumn weather to kick in, but those stubborn higher temperatures aren’t going away any time soon. On that note, I hope you’re having better weather than I am at the moment, and see you soon!