thoughts on graduating

Five years, two degrees and countless memories later, it seems almost impossible to sum up my university experience in a single post. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve pulled a shameful number of all-nighters, and had moments of crippling self-doubt along the way. But despite the struggles that came with it, getting my hands on that piece of paper at the end of it all was totally worth it. It’s funny how quickly the human brain tends to forget stuff like that, huh?

If there’s anything I’ve gained from the past five years, it’s the fact that I know who I am now. I never would’ve admitted this before, but I was miserable when I first started uni. I didn’t know anyone, I was super awkward and I didn’t think I had anything in common with other students in my degree. Back then I wasted so much time wondering when I was going to make a real friend, and started thinking the problem was that I’d chosen the wrong path altogether. It doesn’t help that studying something as broad as communications doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when it comes to career prospects. I even pondered switching to a course that was more ‘useful’, at least by other people’s standards… but I’m glad I didn’t do that. At eighteen I may have been unsure, but I knew to follow my gut even if my head didn’t know what to do yet. And thanks to that instinct I’m entering a creative field that I’m genuinely interested in, more than what a lot of other people can say about their jobs.

Anyway, I’m grateful that so many opportunities have come my way because of uni! If I hadn’t stuck it out, I might not have studied abroad in Japan. I never would’ve made some of my closest friends, after I actually started taking the initiative to meet people instead of moping about it. Heck, the best part-time job I ever had came from uni. It may be home to the ugliest building in all of Sydney, but I’m content with my choices and wouldn’t have it any other way.

My graduation was actually earlier this month, but all I have is a bunch of unflattering pictures to show for it. There were literally gale force winds on the day of my ceremony, so getting a good picture was out of the question! It’s not a big deal though. Despite my fake lashes threatening to fly away at any moment, the whole process was quite fun. Even if only for a few hours, getting to finally wear the gown and cap was a pretty cool feeling. Plus no amount of bad weather could take away that feeling of accomplishment, or the elation of finishing something you’ve been working for so long to achieve.

It honestly feels weird to think that I’m out in the real world now, whatever that means. Being a student is something I’ve been defined by for most of my life, so naturally it’s bit odd to not be bound by that title anymore. But in life, that doesn’t mean you ever stop learning. Degree or no degree, the past is irrelevant – the only thing that truly matters is what you’re doing right now. I may not be sure what’s coming next, but I’m looking forward to the next chapter!