The Design Studio trench coat, Uniqlo cardigan, Miss Shop tee, Dangerfield skirt, Windsor Smith Shean boots

In my wardrobe, there are way too many items that don’t see the light of day until the perfect occasion rolls around. Case in point – this skirt. I’ve always loved the thick material and shade of maroon, but it just hasn’t been cold enough to wear until recently! When paired with my trusty trench coat and striped tee this outfit is pretty much a no-brainer, and one I’ll probably repeat a million times over but with different skirts. I’ll definitely be throwing scarves and thermal tights into the mix too, since Sydney’s winter weather is finally kicking in.
By the way, can we talk about my new boots? My search for the perfect pair is finally over! After struggling to pull on so many chelsea boots I finally succumbed to this reduced pair from Windsor Smith, which has zips instead. Whilst they’re a bit snug right now (damn you wide feet), I’m fairly sure that the leather will stretch. Anyway, I love how these give me the slightest bit of extra height whilst still being comfy enough for everyday wear! They’re also quite heavy and could probably injure a person, so much so that I opted to wear them straight after buying instead of carrying them all day. If that’s not indicative of how sturdy they’ll be, I’m not sure what is…