Glassons shirt, Uniqlo pants, Wandering Souls ‘George’ sandals, Sally Hansen nail polish strips in ‘Girl Power’ 

Hold the phone, but am I actually wearing pants for once in my life?! In a nutshell Sydney’s weather has been temperamental at best, with some days causing bushfires across the state and others bringing relief in the form of rain, only for the weather to turn on its heels again. The insane winds pretty much had me running for cover when I left the house today, and subsequently resorting to wearing pants that I can rely on not to flip up in the breeze. I forgot how comfy this Uniqlo pair was after picking it up in Hong Kong, and I so regret not buying them in more colours! If you’re not keen on the whole leggings-as-pants look, these offer great comfort whilst being thick enough to ward off the fashion police.

Also, can we talk about these sandals I lusted over weeks ago? I finally got my hands on them! Well kind of, I got the exact style for $20 cheaper than their Windsor Smith counterparts, not that it’s an amazing deal anyway with all the imitations popping up now. Anyhow, I’ve said before that I’m not a big fan of sandals, but I love how these give height without compromising my ability to walk properly. Plus my grandma happens to like them, though I’m not sure whether this could be considered a good thing or not…

Anyway, here are some food shots from my aforementioned day trip. I think my dining companion and I can both agree that the food was only so-so, but hey! It was nice to catch up and take in the fresh air for once in our lives. For the past two weeks I’ve literally had my head stuck in the books and assignments, and even though this semester isn’t over yet I can already sense the sweet smell of freedom. Hope you’re having a great week so far!