i’ve waited long enough

So, in a desperate bid to avoid packing, here are some random photos I took this week. Yes, I have nothing to blog about. No, it won’t last long (hopefully). But I have camp later this week, so wohoo!

New Yen mag. It came with issue 42 for free, and I didn’t have it anyway 😀

Starbucks booklet thing I got from Japan. I thought it was pretty (I don’t even drink hot coffee…)

BLUEBERRIES! My new obsession. This could become a bad/expensive habit… Oh, did anyone else see Harry Potter? I saw it on Thursday. SO GOOD. It was a lot better than HP6. Now I have to wait… seven months for part two. NOOO. But then again, this year’s passing so fast, it’ll probably be out before I know it. See you soon!

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