dreams that scatter

Hello! 😀 Today was decidedly a good day to blog, so in dot points:
  • I don’t like these photos very much.
  • That is my list of movies to watch, to be continued.
  • I’m DESPERATE to watch the Haruhi movie.
  • I happen to like handwriting. Even if I only write stuff so it looks pretty…
  • I got 10 for the history assignment and I won’t lie, I’m pretty happy about it. WOHOO, why do I only do well in the non-important subjects?!
  • McDonald’s cookies are good. And honey flavoured, I think.
  • That reminds me, I can’t wait to eat Japanese McDonald’s. LOL.
Well, this has been a really irrelevant post… Sorry for boring you! I really do have nothing to blog about. I can’t wait til the weekend, so… until then!

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