sitting on the shelf

I changed my start-up screen to an apple… because that’s relevant LOL. I got tagged by Eugene to do this Honesty Award, so I’ll do it now. Before I can procrastinate from my speech any longer…

Share one thing that nobody knows about you.
I can’t think of something that nobody knows, but I’ll mention this. I don’t like sandals and I don’t own any. Except thongs, because that would be un-Australian of me. xD I just don’t like exposing my feet, I hate them! And sandals don’t go with anything I wear. So I’ll probably be wearing pumps to formal, which is fine by me. :3
What is your biggest regret in life?
It’s not that big, but sometimes I regret not doing art elective. Not that I regret doing Japanese, because it’s awesome and I’m going overseas. 😀 Art just looks fun. And I really wanted it for a minor grrr.
What would you do with a thousand dollars?
In order, I would:
1. Buy a Fuji Instax camera
2. Buy tonnes of film for said Instax camera
3. Spend the rest on clothessss 😀
If you could go back in time, would you still pick the person you are with right now?
I’m with no one, and being attached would be just another hassle. So yes. I would go back and pick being lonely. 🙂
What do you like or dislike about my (the taggers) blog page?
I really like Eugene’s blog! Interesting content, pretty pictures… And he just got his own domain, that lucky one. I like his new layout, too. Good layout –> almost certainly good blog 😀
So… everyone’s already been tagged, HOW FRUSTRATING. But I’ll tag (or retag) these people anyway: Mitchell, Nikkida, Monica, Lily… and anyone else that feels like it. Bye for now!

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