feels like home

Well… today I was meant to go city for Mother’s Day but there are exams on Tuesday DD: At least I’ve finished some notes… I think that’s my excuse for blogging random photos now:

New jacket I’ve yet to wear. I don’t think it’s cold enough yet, but it’s so nice 😀

Those are my glasses. I sorta hate them… I don’t think most people in our year even know I’m blind, LOL.

I’m nervous for Japanese. I still don’t know anything about saying directions. CRAP.

HAHA this is what I do in my spare time. Cut out stuff I want from the Glue Store catalogue… Come to think of it, I’ve used up a lot of pages from the scrapbook :0 I think my eyes are failing me now, they hurt so much >< It’s probably a sign to get off now… oh well.