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HELLO ๐Ÿ˜€ Got back yesterday… And I have to catch up on five days worth of studying, shit. But I’ll just get this out of the way so I can *try* to start. :C So, in Queensland:

SUNDAY: Went to Orion, this shopping centre near my grandparents’ house. It was good, no one goes there cos it’s basically in the middle of nowhere, so all the stuff’s untouched. ^^

MONDAY: Dreamworld… FUN, except we had to go into that stupid zoo section, which I hate just because it’s the same everywhere. ==”

TUESDAY: Went Pacific Fair, which is this huge shopping centre thing that took ages to get to. It is freaking huge, half of it’s outdoors and I don’t even think I saw all the shops… Dammit, I really regret not getting these pretty studded sandals from Blue Juice :C Anyway, it wasn’t as crowded as it usually is cos all the Queenslander kids went back to school this week.

WEDNESDAY: Brisbane City, which is almost exactly the same as the city in Sydney except smaller. Seriously, there’s a Botanical Gardens, almost-same strip of shops and I even saw inside this building that looked exactly like QVB… o.O One thing, they had Borders instead of Kinokuniya :L

THURSDAY: On the way back, went to visit cousins and ended up staying for awhile. Omg, in there they had this huge collection of Beanie Kids, IT’S NOT FUNNY. There were soooo many, in all their rooms.

Okay I know you don’t like my writing. I don’t think anyone reads it but anyway…

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